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WebTek is a Full Service Website Design Company.

We offer free quotes. The infinite possibilities of WebTek Website Design¬†is affordable and “Turnkey”. We’re able to provide from domain name registration, name server (dns) setting, a responsive design, database set-up, uploads to the host server to cPanel training and support.

Turn Key Solutions

"One-Stop Shop" For Websites

Providing all the necessary components to complete the project is “Turn Key“. WebTek works with clients from the conception of a website until it’s completion. In some cases, after your site is uploaded to the web, editing or changing content and design are needed. We stay with the project until your satisfied. Find out more about all stages of the process and our here.

Questions? Contact Us. We’ll get back to you with 24 hours.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design provides for easy viewing through adaptable website design technology. Recently the script that’s used to present websites on the web, html5, is an improvement from previous versions. This advancement has many changes and improvements from older editions. One if those changes is the “responsive” web. Not only having the web page re-position the images and text to the screen that’s being used, this new script language can organize the objects of your website even appearing to change the design.

Responsive Web Design has the ability to discern or detect the browser (screen) being used by the website visitor. Incorporating CSS (cascading style sheets – a content management system) and HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language – the standard protocol for formatting and displaying text and images on the internet) has taken website design to the most “user friendly” era to date. WebTek only employs this technology in all the work and service we provide. All new websites and website updates are built to this “state of the art” level of technology.

Site Maintenance

Updating Website Content

Periodically changing the text and images of a website. Saving the cost of an entire new site or a redesign…read more

Backing Up Files

The CMS (Content Management System) we use, as well as most website builders a database driven system. Along with the files, periodic backups are critical…read more

Application Updates

In addition to our preferred CMS, WordPress, often applications need periodic monitoring. ¬†Updates and changes to the applications used may be necessary to maintain normal website operations…read more

Website Hosting

Basic Hosting Package

  • Unlimited eMail
  • Quad Core Processors
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Account Migration Assistance
  • Nightly Security Updates
Cloud Hosting

  • 99.9% Uptime Guartanee
  • Remote server backups
  • Scalable storage (CPU’s, RAM, disks)
  • cPanel

Newsletters - Webmail

Newsletters – WebMail

  • Constant or continuous client or prospect contact
  • Automated subscriber process
  • Technical mail handler attributes
  • Aesthetic vs. Technical requirements

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