Development & Maintenance
WebTek works to connect your organization to the internet, develop database record keeping, and maintain the content on your site. WebTek can provide you with a complete, “turn key” service and continuous assistance.

Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting, WordPress & Other Apps, 99% Uptime

Connecting You to the Web

Reliable Shared Hosting Service

* Unlimted eMail Boxes

* eMail Fowarders

* Free cPanel Interface

* 99.8% Up time

* As Low as $3.95/mo

* WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

* Unlimited File Transfer

* Free Site Builder

* Phone Support

Web Site Development

Web Site Design, Hosting & Database Development

Samples of Our Work


WebTek Developing & Design

By either designing your website, powering it or both. WebTek has worked with graphic designers, web site designers and developers we have also created original sites.
Our specialty is providing a “turn key” experience for our client, the company or organization. From conception and design to arranging content and even preparing the SEO (search engine optimization) matrix to increase the odds of having your ideas found on the web.

Database Design & Maintenance

MySQL Open Source Database Set Up & Record Keeping Interface

* Database Set Up
* Record Keeping
* File Transfer

Database set up is used for both the web site driven files as well as the databases that are used to display current data used for the business or organization.
WebTek can produce database applications for record keeping such as parts, storage, student rolls, etc. The ability to edit, add and view a master record of products and records is an important vital part of our clients business.

We use (primarily) php, a server-side scripting language, developed by the PHP Group, and MySQL, a Structured Query Language, developed by Oracle Corporation. Both are very popular applications used for record keeping.

Client Services

Content Changes, Account Payments & Site Updates

Content changes and site re-designs are part of our
site maintenance plan. Keeping your site’s content current
is our shared goal with our clients.

To edit content clients simply forward changes directly to the
site designers or account representatives.
Detailed changes and contact information is all that’s needed.

WebTek will create and update database/record keeping set up as well.
Current “on page” or live updates and client content changes are possible.

Payments for services are made via the link sent to your accounts statements and
sent to your accounts payable department, can be made by via invoice our
by using this generic payment link; (payment link).

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