Social Media

Marketing using social media. Assisting with business pages, complementing your website.



Develop eCommerce sites using "Woocommerce" application. Integrating Social Marketing.


Secure Payments

PayPal transaction payment portal executed by Invertir Sovereign, Inc. dba WebTek.


Continued Contact

Continual Maintenance Options to keep content "fresh", Update images & text.



Presenting Your Business, Organization or Ideas On The Internet
Becomes More Important Every Day!

Since the development of the internet, the replacement of print for advertising, and the desire to reach a larger audience has become a critical part of marketing.  Locating or describing your business or organization has become a science.  Merging the science of the web with the art of presentation is the goal of successful website designers and developers.

To facilitate your website presentation, a hosting server, domain name and descriptive content are essential. WebTek, assists clients in the selection and purchase of a domain name and facilitates it’s connection with the host server.  We upload files, that are in fact your website, to the server and maintain that site at more than a 99.9% up time.

When you have a server account we also provide and unlimited amount of email boxes, database services, redirect services and other critical hosting services. You can even manage your hosting account yourself.

Contact WebTek.  We can offer a quote and ideas for your website, build an inventory database, host your current website or redesign an existing website.

Standard Hosting Services

MySQL Databases
Password Protection
Visit Logs
SSL Certificates

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